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Seems apt for 2014. New year, new beginnings, etc.

"Somehow where we’ve gone and lost our way
This is where we are
Oh you lift your rusty brow
Little thoughts have weighed your vision down
We move slowly, sewn in time
(We can only hope for this)

We can shape but can’t control
These possibilities to grow
Weeds amongst the push and pull
Waiting on the wind to take us
We can write with ink and pen
But we will sew with seeds instead
Starting with words we’ve said
And we will all be changed”

  • Track: We Will All Be Changed
  • Artist: Seryn
  • Album: This Is Where We Are
  • Plays: 10


Well I’m back, after a long hiatus of forgetting about how much i love sharing music, art, things that inspire me, etc. if you’re still out there reading this, good for you.

In which Macklemore sings “Same Love” with Tegan and Sara. I was particularly struck by the sincerity all artists show throughout the song- while “Same Love” is beautiful, the civil rights battle is one to be taken seriously rather than one to entertain those who “love their GBF.” Thank you Macklemore for this song and thank you to the airwaves for finally playing it. Oh, and thank God for bringing Tegan and Sara on stage.